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Tweed - Lift & Co. This nice one gram pre roll totally ran and canoed on me. I would give this another try because I like the strain, however I wish Tweed rolled them in half grams. Penelope is such a nice smoke. Perfect blend of THC and CBD for your anytime smoking pleasures. Penelope Softgels 2.5 mg | Tweed – Kush My Bud : Compare Cannabis Penelope Softgels 2.5 mg | Tweed THC 2.5 mg CBD 2.5 mg. Penelope cannabis softgels are made with CO2 extract from a hybrid strain (grown in a hybrid greenhouse) and formulated with non-GMO liquid coconut oil, gelatin and glycerine. Softgels | Ontario Cannabis Store Welcome to OCS. Ontario's only online retailer and wholesaler of legal recreational cannabis. We only sell to adults age 19 years or older. Please enter your birthdate to confirm you are at least 19 years of age.

Argyle (Nordle) is an indica-dominant strain with a balanced THC-to-CBD ratio. Its verdant green buds are quite dense and are accented by orange hairs. The terpenes myrcene and caryophyllene give Argyle's aroma clove-like notes, layered with more earthy hints from the complexity of myrcene. REMEMBER: Always START LOW a

6 Jan 2020 I review Tweeds Penelope Softgel known for low cannabinoid percentage and a close to equal ration of THC and CBD. Find out what I thought  a wide variety of different flowers, capsules, and oils from a breadth of trusted brands. Tweed medical marijuana is renowned for being high-quality, consistent, with Boaty Mc Boatface with only a small amount of THC and higher CBD. Our Cannabis Products | Tweed Whether you want to get creative, or stare at the ceiling for a few hours, Tweed's cannabis products are as diverse as our community. What are Tweed Softgels | Vault | Tweed A variety of softgels are available right now from your friends at Tweed. Just check your local cannabis store - if they’re not there yet, they will be soon. Just check your local cannabis store - if they’re not there yet, they will be soon.

About this product. Say Hi to Tweed CBD Softgels. Just like the name implies, these softgels are CBD-dominant and contain little-to-no THC. Each Tweed CBD Softgel contains 20 mg of CBD and are

Available Now. View All; Dried Cannabis; Cannabis Oil; Softgels; Oral Dissolve Strips; Edibles; Vaporizers. THC; CBD; Indica; Sativa; Hybrid  1 Dec 2019 Some believe CBD oil can help your loved ones relax. These 20-milligram CBD capsules by Tweed are easy to swallow and contain little to  Argyle. Typical effects include Relaxed. Review Strain Review This Strain. Sign up for our newsletter to unlock this content. UNLOCK. THC. 13%. Very Low. CBD. Explorer user reviews, photos, and opinions on the Houndstooth Softgels 2.5 mg by I was reluctant to try them initially because I prefer high CBD, but the micro  These soft gels are crafted with care from this indica-dominant THC strain. THC 2.5mg / capsule CBD 0.7mg / capsule. Tweed Bakerstreet Capsules 

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Argyle 10 mg Softgels | Tweed – Kush My Bud : Educate Yourself. Tweed used its very own Argyle (Nordle), an indica-dominant strain with balanced levels of THC to CBD, to make these cannabis softgels. Each Argyle Softgel is made using non-GMO, coconut-derived MCT oil, and contains 12 mg of CBD and 10 mg of THC. Products | Spectrum Therapeutics